Annette MESSAGER ( 1997 )


Though my assertion has not the immediate character of evidence, I do not believe that it is a paradox to say that Annette Messager’s works belong, firstly, to the territory of performance since it peremptorily requests the presence of the spectator more than the artist.
"La vitrine rouge" (the red window), in the sense of the style, is an accumulation that shifts the point of view pre-established by the space which receives it. From the street we can only foresee the interior, the window is covered with big red curtains - an evidently allusive colour - that are closed each time someone decides to cross the threshold and to become spectator.
That seems to be only a small gap, just a variation of term, however there is a deep diversity between the one who watches and a voyeur.
Regarding what happens behind the curtains and to save the good manners, it’s always better to silence it.